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Your guide to gifting yourself the beautiful life you want.

How to create daily calm, ease and focus without a live-in nanny, quitting your job, escaping to an ashram or adding more things to your never-ending to-do list


Gift habits are tiny pleasurable votes for the person you want to be free of punishment, self-discipline and cold showers.


Because many tiny moments of joy, strung together, become the life you long to live.


And you don’t need permission to live it.

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Gift Habits

Are you kidding me?
I’ve tried complicated morning rituals and read a tonne on how to manage my time, I just can’t be consistent.



How are gift habits going to be any different? I don’t want to take on another complicated plan that makes me feel terrible when I fail.


Gift habits are different because they are a gift before they are a habit.


You want to do them.


Gift habits are designed to be tiny, recharging, and ultra flexible - giving you the energy and focus you crave.


Gift habits gently and naturally help you shape the life you want.


But unlike those failed approaches, gift habits work with who you are and how you are built.

If you’re thinking ‘Hmm, this sounds too good to be true, life’s just not that easy.’ Or ‘Okay, that sounds interesting but…’

  • I have zero time and a massive to-do list

  • My life is chaos, I can’t control it, how will gift habits help?

  • You get that I really struggle to be consistent with anything, right?

  • Strict schedules are impossible for me to stick to so don’t be offering me one of those


I get it.


All of these are the exact reasons I created my own gift habits – they had to be different from all the other things I’d tried.

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First off, the course is straightforward and actionable.
No fluff!

I’ll show you just how easy it is to create simple gift habits that you’ll want to show up for because they aren’t a chore but a true gift!


Each lesson is approximately 15 minutes long and is delivered by video and transcript so you can learn your way in short easy to digest chunks.

The learning journey

Feelings-based goals  – Create the guide rails for your habits.


Designing Your Gift Habits - Design a set of habits that feel like a gift, never a chore.


Making it Safe & Permissions – Learn how to schedule guilt free time that actually recharges you


Check-ins & Little Adjustments – Know how to adapt your habits through compassionate investigation so you can be sure your habits support your changing needs and wants


Trouble shooting obstacles – including the inner critic, mum-guilt, overwhelm, uncertainty and more

What you can expect to have more of while doing this course…and long after
  • the confidence to say yes to what you want to do, and no to the stuff you don’t

  • more joy, calm and focus on a daily basis

  • learn what you actually want, not what you think you should want

  • make time for yourself without it feeling like it’s a chore, pointless or steeped in guilt

  • do little stuff that energises you without the hoopla of a perfect morning routine

I’m a working mum of two who tried every habit, self care tactic and time management approach available to wrangle my life into a liveable shape. After much trial and mostly error, I finally found a sustainable way to choose and live the life I really want.


Every single day.


I’m here to show you how you too can create that life with ease & delight in the smallest pockets of time.


I’ll teach you a simple five step process to create a set of habits or ways to shape your energy and time – which is all a habit is - that will be a genuine gift to yourself, that you’ll love doing, and that you’ll keep doing, because it feels so good.

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Ready to get started crafting your life with gift habits?

Enrolments open soon, for now join the waitlist and be the first to know when the course is released.

Tuition fee will be: 

$149 AU

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Join the waitlist

You're in!

Gift Habits could be the solution you’ve been looking for, especially if you…
  • Turn to wine or shopping or too much TV at the end of the day because you’re so exhausted and can’t decide what you really want

  • Have a niggling feeling that something is missing but when you try to figure out what that is, you get swept away in grand plans to change your life that leave you feeling more frustrated

  • Had a gutful of traditional goal setting and productivity tools and can’t stomach anymore – you don’t want to be a robot or maximize every minute but you do want more peace, focus, and joy

  • Feel a confusing tug of war between a desperate need to rest and a desire to live life to the fullest

  • Are craving more fun and more consistency in showing up for yourself without becoming someone completely different

Because here’s what can’t keep happening
  • Feeling like life is passing you by but you’re too busy or scattered to choose differently

  • Feeling like you’re always falling off the wagon of grand plans and new habits

  •  Feeling like you’re behind, you’re never enough and perpetually overwhelmed

  • Feeling like you’ll never have your shit together, so why bother trying?

Imagine this instead:
  • Your days have a sense of ease and intentionality

  • You know how to best use your energy and on what -- meaning more peace and less decision fatigue

  • You‘re confident on how to recharge yourself and don’t waste time trying to figure out what self-care is for you

  • It’s far easier to know what to say yes to and what to say no with far less guilt

  • No more FOMO about finding the perfect way to start your day or trying to follow someone else’s complicated plan

  • And if you feel like you’re not enough, behind, or less than, you know exactly how to get back to enoughness and your own centered goodness

What makes me the right coach /mentor for you?
I’m an obsessive learner, artist, mum & entrepreneur.

After 15 years of working myself into the ground in the music industry, and giving birth to not one, but two sassy young women, I was burnt out, strung out and totally disillusioned with life.   I did what everyone dreams of doing, I ran away to the country.  Then one day I woke up and realised. Oh shit, I’m still here, same issues, different location. 


I had to find a way to marry all my loves (art, kids, partner, interests, my business) and make sure I didn’t burn out again in the process.


Traditional concepts of goal setting and self-discipline, consistency and the perfect morning routine didn’t work for me, I had to find another way.  And I did, by creating my gift habits.  A daily way of showing up for the person I longed to be. 


I don’t test on animals but I can promise you, I’ve tested this course on myself!

In developing my gift habits I’ve discovered Shakti mats, bush running, baths (YAY), painting, drawing, conscious breathing, fennel tea and watching little birds (I’m not even retired yet!) … And the beautiful thing is, the adventure is only just beginning.

I'd love this for you too
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