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Vive Oldham


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Coach, Writer, Mum & Artist

Gift Habits creator & guide.
Lover of rituals + self-designed practices. Creativity geek.

Supporting people imagine into ‘what’s next’ with ease and focus.

I’m here for gentle + generative change.

I love what I do and I enjoy being a part of a larger collective vision which supports wellbeing & a practical approach to intentional living.


I’m a big advocate for slowing down enough to question how we’re doing life, and if it’s good for us.  


I am in my element & loving life when I have my own creative time, solo bush walks and unscheduled weekends with my kids.  


I think differently to most coaches.  I’m not going to promise life hacks, rigid schedules and rapid transformations.  


I believe change is created through tempering, using small, daily-ish acts (the ones we hardly notice).  These acts are the tiny + pleasurable votes for the person you’d love to be, and the life you long to live.

I’m here to help you move closer towards the life you long to live and to bring more ease, focus and delight into your every day.

Vive and Co
Reading books
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I’m most passionate about…


  • Creating change that feels gentle, easy and joyful

  • Teaching people how to create their own guide rails for decision making

  • Supporting people to practice habits that cast a vote for the person they long to be and the life they want to live (with ease & focus)

  • Helping people sidle up to the tricky parts of being human (like uncertainty and fear) and discover whats on the other side

Sound good, but not sure where to start?

The body loves a road map, so here‘s a little guide for where to start, to ensure we‘re a good fit and you enjoy any time you spend with me.
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