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1:1 Somatic sessions

Do you feeling like, no matter what you do (self care, therapy, human support) you just don't ever feel 'good'?  Somatic sessions compliment talk based therapy by helping you build a deep awareness of what's happening in your body.  You'll learn to recognise your body's cues, and apply simple practices to help widen your nervous system's capacity.

1:1 Coaching

If you're transitioning back to work from motherhood, considering a career change or leaving work althogether to pursue your own business, care giving or a creative calling, then you're at a thresh hold.   You know you want to do it differently this time, but what does 'different' look and feel like?  It can be hard to know what you really want, if you've spent years pushing that longing down or away.

Let’s make sure you enter what’s next with a clear set of guide rails for how you’d like every day to feel.

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This could be the support you’ve been longing for, especially if you…
  • Find it hard to know what you really want, so end up doing the same thing (while wishing it were different)

  • Are scared of being labelled as ‘selfish’ for putting your needs first

  • Find it hard to give yourself permission to dream about what you’d really love to do in your life 

  • Feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to ‘what next’ and tend to avoid making choices

  • Think you know what you want, just have no idea how to get there

What most of us have been taught about goal setting and personal development is rigid, punitive and not realistic for parents

  • It’s probably made you think 'I’m just not good with goal setting so why bother?’

  • You feel stuck and like you’ll never be able to change how you live or how you feel, because you don't have the time or the energy

  • What you need is a dedicated support person, to not only help you get clear on what you want, but show you how to create it in a way that feels practical AND joyful.

Conversations you might LIKE to have

  • How to get clear on what you need & want

  • How to create tiny habits that feel like a gift and change the way you live in a daily way

  • How to navigate hard conversations in a way that feels ok for you

  • Understanding what hard feelings are signalling about what you need, and how to make requests to have them met (without guilt and shame)

  • How to have compassionate conversations with yourself and befriend your inner critic

  • Identify what gets you stuck and how to move through it

  • Clarity on your ideal day or work day, how to intentionally design that moving forward


These are examples of what we can focus on in our time together

Vive has a natural ability to approach coaching with true compassion. She is open and authentic, making you feel at ease whilst not shying away from any of the feelings that may be visiting.


Vive is intuitive and skilled at guiding you to your own version of a solution. She also has a wonderfully creative mind and is an inspirational energy to be around.

Her courses are well put together and centre around you finding true joy in a way that feels gentle yet full of satisfaction.

I am grateful to know her. You will be too.

Jennifer Birkhead

You will be a great fit for this offering if you…
  • Are able to enlist support to give yourself the time and space for the session

  • Feel ready to step into self leadership and become your own co-creator of life



1:1 somatic session, 60 mins, $100 AUD

(online or in person)


Initial session, 75 mins, $150 AUD (online)

3 sessions, 60 mins each $500 AUD (online)

If we have worked together 1:1 previously you can skip this part and email me direct.

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