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Vive Oldham
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SOMATIC coaching

A calm and body-led approach to recovering your intuition and living well.

Learn to listen, track and understand your nervous system so you can trust the wisdom of your body.

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Somatic coaching supports you to change how you live + work in a way that is kind to your nervous system.

Using a body-led approach and informed by somatic practices, I teach you how to practice tempering - small, joyful changes.  These form the foundation of self trust, resilience and personal creativity.

If coaching + mentorships have felt like a wonky fit for you, and if you don’t want to keep making complicated plans to change the way you feel … then you are in the right place!

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Hi I’m Vive Oldham -
Coach, Mum + Creativity geek.


Australian, living on Bibbulmun country, Manjimup Western Australia. Bush walker. Writer. Artist. Mum of two sassy young women. Art lover.  INFJ.  


I haven’t always let it be easy! In fact for 15 years, and through the birth of both my girls, I pushed myself to the point of burn out.  
I broke, more than once. 


Finally, in the midst of another crash & burn moment, I asked myself a very important question, ‘there must be another way?’ 


Through much trial and error, I found a path through the constant pushing and striving. An approach to living that felt calm, intentional and fun. 


I haven’t looked back.

Vive Oldham
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You’re going to love working with me if 

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You're sick of the overwhelm

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You need things to be simple and practical

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You want serious change (and more laughter too)

Where to start

Check out my free Substack

Get to know my philosophy and what inspired me to change the way I was living.

And learn the simple and actionable practices I’ve used to bring more ease and creativity into my life.

Join me and other like-minded humans ready to switch off autopilot and enjoy our limited time on earth with ease.


When you sign up to my newsletter I’ll share articles, books I’m reading, latest simple, practical tips I’m using for calm, creativity and focus, and the occasional new offer or course.

Foundational practices for living with ease, intention and delight.


Vive’s coaching style and course allows you to practice self love, self care and self respect on a different level.


It asks you what you desire, what brings joy, contentment, fulfilment and happiness whilst guiding you to practically include those in your life.


My biggest takeaway is that it’s ALL ok! There is no perfect way to do self care.  


Some days I do and some days I don’t, but I no longer punish myself with rigid, unrealistic schedules that I never stick to anyway.

Ronice Goss

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